Ethos & Values

Mission statement  

At Anna Seward we believe in inspiring all children to become passionate, brave and resilient lifelong learners. We want all of our children to believe that everything is possible and that everyone should aspire to be the best they can be – our role is to help make this happen. Children lie at the heart of everything we do. We strongly believe that they only get one chance and, therefore, deserve the very best opportunities to succeed, achieve and thrive. 

We promise to ensure our children feel safe and nurtured by creating a happy environment in which they want to learn and grow. We will always strive to deliver the very best in education and extra-curricular opportunities allowing children to excel in the areas that matter to them, enabling them to have the brightest futures. 

Anna Seward Primary School Values 

The school will:-  

  • Have an inclusive approach that offers the best education for all local 3-11 year olds. 
  • Be non-selective, welcoming children of all faiths, social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  
  • Offer a broad, balanced, high quality curriculum, underpinned by exceptional support, care and guidance.  
  • Be a learning hub for the wider community, seeking to contribute to cohesion in an area of new housing development. 
  • Work effectively alongside the many neighbouring schools, both primary and secondary, but especially those in the North Hub. 
  • Equip its children with the knowledge, experiences, skills and attributes to enable success into the next phase of their formal education and beyond. 
  • Further the innovative culture of the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership.